Sunset Over the Captain Cook Bridge

I almost didn’t go for my planned shoot after work this afternoon because of the cloud cover but I’m glad I did. It looked like rain was going to set in but for a short… Continue reading

Nepalese Pagoda Revisited

Another photo on the Nepalese Pagoda at Southbank. This was taken a couple of weeks ago and the trees were much fuller this time. See the original post here. The Nepalese Pagoda is one… Continue reading

City Views

Out and about at Kangaroo Point Cliffs once again. Brisbane has such breathtaking city views and the stars were out to play. Perfect!  

The ABC Building

The ABC Building at Southbank, Brisbane. Another “undercover” street photographer session🙂    

Brisbane City

These photos were taken from Kanagroo Point Cliffs. The clouds were waiting for me as they usually do🙂

The HMQS Gayundah Revisited

The HMQS Gayundah rests on the shore of Woody Point, Redcliffe. She has deteriorated significantly since taking this photo. Her bow broke in March 2016 so I’m glad I took this photo when I did. Read… Continue reading

The Story Bridge

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Isaac Newton The beautiful Story Bridge, Brisbane.

The Victoria Bridge

Another night photo of the Victoria Bridge looking across from Southbank.

Friday in the City

A great way to end the work week with a stroll through the city with a few like-minded friends and a camera🙂

Beautiful Breakfast

I love Street Photography but I am a very shy photographer so this is probably the closest I’ll get to pointing a camera at strangers. That is why I stick to landscapes🙂 This… Continue reading