Little Country Church

It’s only a 30 minute drive to one of my favourite churches in Cleveland. I’ve seen this church many times but it has always been locked up so I admire it from the outside. I was taking photos of the exterior when a parish member, Bevan, who was unloading his car noticed me and asked if I would like to go inside. “I would love to!”, I said, and so he very kindly let me in and left me to it.

The interior of this quaint little church was interesting and it was very warm, welcoming and serene. It was wonderful being inside all by myself with the morning sun filtering through the small roof window. And isn’t there just something special about old wood?

The Heritage Listed St Paul’s Anglican Church at Cleveland, Redlands was built in 1873 and officially opened in 1874. It is a brick church now rough-cast and lime-washed. When I’m in old buildings, I often try to imagine life as it would have been back then. It would not have had all the conveniences of today but the pace certainly would have been slower. I was very fortunate to have experienced this for a few short minutes.

You can read more about the history of the church here.




World Cancer Day


Sunday, 4th February was World Cancer Day and Brisbane joined other major cities across the globe to paint the world orange and blue and what a wonderful display it was. My photo, shot for ICON Group, made the header and top of the page of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and the Landmark Lighting Report.  What an honour! Other submissions included the Empire State Building; Niagara Falls; Petra, Jordan; Italy; Switzerland and many more.

There were other photographers about as people occupied picnic tables and blankets at Wilson’s Outlook; a magnificent spot to enjoy dinner with a view. A black curtain languished behind the city buildings and I thought we’d get a downpour but the clouds eventually lifted, and once again the Story Bridge shone brightly sending a positive message to the world.

It was a fun shoot and an absolute privilege to be a part of this great worldwide event. Visit the UICC page and see all the World Cancer Day photos here

World Cancer Day

City Clutter

The Albert Street Uniting Church in Brisbane is a beautiful old church that was originally a Methodist church. It was built in the late 1800’s and opened on 8th November 1889. Although it once stood alone in its grandeur, it still stands out amongst the skyscrapers, a rose among the thorns.

The Victorian Gothic Revival building is built of red brick, trimmed with white Oamaru limestone and a slate roof. The church continues with services and is a popular wedding venue today. This is one of my favourite buildings in Brisbane.



These were taken at Sandy Camp Road Wetlands Reserve in Brisbane not far from where I live. I work in the city and often see ibises scavenging through bins so it was great to see them and other birds in their natural habitat.