Sydney is one of my favourite cities. So much to see and some great architecture with the Sydney Opera House right up on the top of my list. I spent a couple of days there recently and here are some shots I took. The history is fascinating so you can read about it here if you are interested.

“[Jørn] Utzon made a building well ahead of its time, far ahead of available technology… a building that changed the image of an entire country.”



Teatro Persiani

We were fortunate enough to be given a private tour of this magnificent old theatre in Recanati, Italy, called Teatro Persiani. My cousin, Norma Stramucci, a renowned Italian poet from Recanati, kindly organised this for us. We were also given a private tour of the Museo Beniamino Gigli, a world renowned opera singer from the early half of last century. The museum is also in the same building. They were both fantastic tours!

Teatro Persiani