The Jewel

I’m not a big fan of the Gold Coast’s never ending development and these new building’s are no exception. The Jewel, comprising 3 towers, tower over surrounding buildings making them appear minute in comparison while blocking out sunshine and beach views. I found them to be an intrusive phallic structure that can’t be ignored and constantly in your face so to speak but that’s progress in a popular tourist town I guess. I must admit that the architecture is quite impressive and it is sure be another Australian landmark.

Stretched across 130m of absolute beach frontage, the site sits over 2.8 acres and includes luxury residential apartments, an internationally rated 5-star hotel including a Michelin Star restaurant and a grand ballroom. The Jewel is due for completion in mid 2020.



  1. I agree, a big blot on the landscape. I guess other developers will want to match them at some stage. But they will make for interesting photographs.

    Good to see you’re still around, Norma. I hope you’re well.

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  2. Interesting . . . the second and third photos almost look like the towers are drawn in or added graphics. That’s some weird lighting effect . . .

    I imagine they would look a lot better and less out of place about ten or twenty years from now when other towers surround them. That will be a sight to see, I’d wager.


    1. I agree Emilio, it’s an interesting structure and it does look like the outline has been drawn in. The outline is not lit by any means so I’m guessing it’s a special refelctive material. The project is not finished and there are no residents yet so it will be interesting to see what it looks like with more lights on. I’ll go back mid 2020 🙂

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