Sydney is one of my favourite cities. So much to see and some great architecture with the Sydney Opera House right up on the top of my list. I spent a couple of days there recently and here are some shots I took. The history is fascinating so you can read about it here if you are interested.

“[Jørn] Utzon made a building well ahead of its time, far ahead of available technology… a building that changed the image of an entire country.”




  1. Beautiful shots and interesting story. I wonder about the site having been (or being) sacred to the native population. Hawaiians, both native and people who emigrated here, seem very conscious of the whole history of the place (sometimes, overly so).

    Did they approve of the construction? I ask because here there are demonstrations whenever new construction proposals come up, mostly because you can’t spit without hitting some sort of ruins of the people who lived on this land before now. You see two pieces of lava stacked together, and it signals to some that it must have been a sacred place of some kind.


    1. Thanks Emilio. I’m not sure about the approval and protests back in the late 50’s and 60’s but Australia is very similar to Hawaii now, maybe not as bad because Australia is a pretty big place. There are regulations and legislations in place now to protect sacred sites. As you said, it’s fascinating and the architecture is amazing 🙂


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