I am a Brisbane based photographer specialising in cityscapes, landscapes and night photography. My hometown features some of the stunning backdrops found in most of my photography. I enjoy capturing nature, the majestic Story Bridge, city views from the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, and other captivating places in and around my city, as well as the fascinating places I have travelled to.

You can explore my images in the gallery. You can also buy digital images for personal or commercial use. Feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries or have seen a particular image of mine that is not on this site.

Thank you for taking an interest in my images.​

Norma Martiri

Email: nrmartiri@gmail.com

All images on this site are © Copyrighted and owned by Norma Martiri and do not belong to the Public Domain. Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of any of the content, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without written permission from myself is prohibited by law. All rights reserved.



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  1. Hello Norma, Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you enjoyed some of my photographs. I’m especially pleased with the hummingbird too as it is the cleanest shot yet. I looked at your Morton Bay Fig tree shots and absolutely need one in my back yard for a treehouse. Liked the Church House Ruins also and curious if you’ve tried it out in B&W?


    1. Hi Allan, thanks for popping in and thanks for you lovely comments. The church ruins is one of my favourites too and I haven’t tried it in B&W but now that you mentioned it I will have a little play with it. Cheers 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for the lovely compliment Cheryl. I’m still learning and have a long way to go though.
      We’re practically neighbours 😉 Coffs Harbour is such a lovely part of Australia :).


  2. mikew66

    You are nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I find your blog inspirational and Love Your Photos and Stories. I enjoy them a great deal. Find the rules at my blog for accepting at BrooklynBystander http://brooklynbystander.wordpress.com
    Thank you for your inspiration and support and. CONGRATULATIONS!


    1. Thanks so much Mike! I really appreciate the award but I’m afraid I can’t accept. Sorry but I just don’t have time for the requirements. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy my blog. Congratulations on your award too 🙂


    1. Go to edit and in the top line of tools on the far right there’s a “kitchen sink” button. This will show another line of tools beneath. Look for the button with the letter A and click on the dropdown arrow next to it and this will allow you to choose the colour you want to change your text to. Don’t forget to select your text first. I hope this helps 🙂


  3. Hi Norma, Because you’ve been so encouraging, I’ve nominated you for The Super Sweet Blogging Award at IntoMyWindow.com, July 1, 2013 post. 🙂


  4. Sonel

    Great blog and photo’s you have here Norma and always great to meet another Aussy. You are all such wonderful people. 😀 *hugs*


  5. I read your line about photography getting you out & had to laugh. After 43 years of devoting myself to my photography I was out in 49 degree darkness this morning waiting for the sun to rise. I was standing on the edge of a busy two lane highway taking my post shot of the day. When it was all on record I stopped for a restroom break and couldn’t feel my legs I was frozen. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Welcome to a lifetime of personal satisfaction and gratification. Your works shows a lot of love for the artform that is photography.


  6. Great blog and GREAT pictures Norma. My friends Val will appreciate. She lived is 3 last years in Australia between Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane… and many more.

    I am following you! 🙂


    1. Have fun on the trip! Buying fabric is always fun and a vacation in the sun has to be great. And no you aren't getting sick, mind over matter plus the sugar and caffeine and you'll maintain perfect health.


    1. Haha:)SÃ… bra at noen tenker pÃ¥ Ã¥ lage sakser som passer inn i interiøret:)Fin saks, og fine bilder….selv om jeg ikke klarer Ã¥ kople inn jula helt ennÃ¥…men om noen uker tenker jeg vel ikke pÃ¥ annet.God klem fra hovedstaden.


    2. Posted by on November 08, 2012 at 2:53 pm Thank you so much for your kind wishes!We pulled through, but harbored many family members at our home. The most difficult part of this was that we couldn’t reach other family members for a week. We did and thank God they are all safe. I am still working on the recovery from my end, sending supplies to those in need.DonnaDonna.Merrill recently posted..


  7. And doesn’t nature have such marvels to offer us too. Like your photos Norma and look forward to seeing more. Your visit and likes to my wee site were really appreciated and would hope that you may pop on back over for more. Enjoy the day, MM 🍀🍀


  8. Good morning Norma. Sorry I haven’t been here in a while and must say, WOW!!!!. I just took a tour and what some absolutely great photos you have. Keep it going. Love, the Wizard. 🙂


  9. Oh that’s good! Yes Im good at the moment thank you. My new diet seems to be giving me more energy though its been hard and Im now gluten free and dairy free. I miss so much stuff but needs must! 😊 x


  10. Good to see your blog, Norma. Enjoyed the Brisbane photographs – have been a couple of times and think it’s great for taking pictures. There are some “over at mine”. Greetings from London!


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