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It’s been a while since my last post. I haven’t posted since March to be exact and before that November 2016. I used to post regularly but you know how it goes, work, family, pets, downsizing, organising new house, husband hurts leg, blah, blah, blah, the list goes on. In other words L.I.F.E. Not to mention the never ending commitment to social media, websites, photo sites, etc. And whatever happened to my poetry? I haven’t even thought of that in a long time.

So what do you do with social media? You know, that extra pressure you don’t really need. Do you keep up with it all or just stick to one or two? Honestly, the way I’m feeling right now is that I want to just scrap them all. Would that be so bad? Would I really miss out on anything? Would I miss out on getting my name out there as a photographer? Does anyone even care? Seriously! Or is it just poor time management on my part, or is life really getting busier, time going faster? So many questions, so much to do, so little time.

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So I am committing to this blog again and will make time to post and visit your blogs as well. I have some wonderful photos I took while I was in Sydney recently. I was lucky enough to go on a cruise 5 weeks ago and spent some time in Sydney on our return (where the hell did that time go!! honestly my mind can’t keep up!!)

In the meantime, enjoy the video below Where Does the Time Go by A Great Big World



General Douglas MacArthur

When I was a young 16 yo girl, my very first office job entailed picking up the company’s mail from the General Post Office at the bottom end of Queen Street and then walking back to the top end to start my work day as a Junior Clerk Typist slogging away at those big old typewriters. On cold days the Westerly wind stung as it whipped in and out of the tall buildings and walking that distance in heels was torture.

Every day I walked past MacArthur Chambers and it fascinated me. I knew a little about its history and in time I learnt its significance. (Learning back then was a slower process because we actually had to go to the library to read books or ask those who were older and wiser.) I don’t know why it fascinated me so; I wasn’t consciously  interested in the war but it was the 70’s and the war hadn’t long been over, or maybe it was because I was young and in awe of Americans back then.

I learnt that General Douglas MacArthur occupied the offices on the eighth floor in Brisbane from July 1942 to November 1944 and lived at the Lennon’s Hotel. This is now a museum dedicated to his occupation.

On the weekend I visited the MacArthur Museum and still found it fascinating. I managed to take some photos of his office as it would have been set up when occupied and to my surprise the attendant offered to let me sit in the chair behind that big desk. Powerful!!

There is so much to see and learn, lots of reading and well worth the visit. It is certainly a great tribute to a great man. I don’t believe in warfare but do I believe that we can learn from history, and in a perfect world, never repeat mistakes of the past.

Learn more about General MacArthur’s Brisbane occupation here

ANZAC Day 2014

ANZAC Day Australia, 25th April 2014. Not a day to glorify war, but rather a day to reflect and commemorate fallen soldiers and the sacrifices they made for our freedom.

Lest we forget.

A.N.Z.A.C. = Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

Shrine of Remembrance, and the Eternal Flame, ANZAC Square, Brisbane

Teatro Persiani

We were fortunate enough to be given a private tour of this magnificent old theatre in Recanati, Italy, called Teatro Persiani. My cousin, Norma Stramucci, a renowned Italian poet from Recanati, kindly organised this for us. We were also given a private tour of the Museo Beniamino Gigli, a world renowned opera singer from the early half of last century. The museum is also in the same building. They were both fantastic tours!

Thank you

I have reached 500 followers! Thank you to all my followers and in particular my regular supporters or should I say, blogger friends (you know who you are). 🙂 I have come a long way in just over a year and have learnt heaps and have made some wonderful friends here.

This is the photo that started it all. I took it with a very basic camera and before I knew anything about long exposure and tripods. I received some lovely compliments for it which got me thinking that I might just have something, so I experimented and started this blog. The timing was right. My youngest had just graduated and I had more time on my hands. I Youtubed and read up on photography, took a few photography workshops, discovered Lightroom and learned from fellow bloggers, and my lovely husband upgraded my camera for me :). My passion for photography grew and keeps growing.

I have alway loved photography and took some great shots while the kids were growing up but I never had the time to take it further. Besides, photography in the new millennium is massively different to photography in the 80’s and 90’s, and cheap.

I had the pleasure of going to London, Paris and Italy in December 2013 and January 2014 which opened up a whole new world for me. I learned more and I enjoyed every minute of it. I still have so much to learn and could say now that I am just a tad obsessed with it. It fills all my spare time (which still isn’t much).

I am very grateful for all the lovely comments and encouragement I receive here. It has done wonders for my confidence and spurs me on.

I look forward to seeing what the future offers.

Oh and welcome to my new followers 🙂

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