Sunset Over the Captain Cook Bridge

I almost didn’t go for my planned shoot after work this afternoon because of the cloud cover but I’m glad I did. It looked like rain was going to set in but for a short time the clouds parted for this glorious sunset over the Captain Cook Bridge. Within an hour it it was blue. Nature certainly likes to show off 🙂





Lorikeets have to be my favourite bird (next to kookaburras) and these two visit me every morning. Their colours are magnificent and the screeching doesn’t bother me at all. They’re nice to have around 🙂

Here’s a poem I wrote about these beautiful birds a couple of years ago.

The lorikeets all screech and swoop,
Gregariously they gather.
And into dusk dance in a loop,
The lorikeets all screech and swoop.
Then near red bottle-brush they group,
To form a colourful slather.
The lorikeets all shriek and swoop,
Gregariously they gather.

Poetry Form: Triolet