St John’s Anglican Cathederal

Here are some shots I took inside the St John’s Anglican Cathedral. I was there at the right time as the sun shone through the stain glass windows giving beautiful jewelled reflections on the pillars. This is just the back of the church. Unfortunately we couldn’t take photos of the front as there was a wedding rehearsal on at the time but I will go back again some time.

Interesting Facts:

St John’s Anglican Cathedral “was designed in the Gothic revival style by John Loughborough Pearson, one of England’s leading church architects of the late 19th century and bears similarities to Truro Cathedral in Cornwall, also designed by Pearson, although the architecture of St John’s is more decidedly French Gothic in inspiration. The external walls are of randomly arranged brown, pink and mauve porphyry stone.”

“The Brisbane cathedral movement began in earnest in 1887 as a celebration of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee – St John’s was to be paid for by public subscription but the construction of the cathedral in one campaign was found to be financially impossible. As a result, the building has been executed in three stages over two centuries between 1906 and 2009.”

Pipe Organ

Following on from my previous post, our City Hall pipe organ, the Father Willis Organ, has been restored. The dismantling of the enormous instrument and its 4332 pipes started in 2010 and since last November, a specialist team have been painstakingly re-installing the organ after carrying out restoration works off site.

Concert Hall

City Hall

Here are some shots I took of our beautiful City Hall. It has just recently been renovated after in 2008, it was discovered that the building that was built on swamp land was sinking. Brisbane has been notorious in the past for demolishing old buildings, our history, so to have had this building restored is quite a feat. Watch the process here.

Stair Case