Sydney Harbour

The Sydney Harbour – always breathtaking.

The Sydney HarbourDSC_0867



Sydney is one of my favourite cities. So much to see and some great architecture with the Sydney Opera House right up on the top of my list. I spent a couple of days there recently and here are some shots I took. The history is fascinating so you can read about it here if you are interested.

“[Jørn] Utzon made a building well ahead of its time, far ahead of available technology… a building that changed the image of an entire country.”


Nepalese Pagoda Revisited

Another photo on the Nepalese Pagoda at Southbank. This was taken a couple of weeks ago and the trees were much fuller this time.

See the original post here.
The Nepalese Pagoda is one of South Bank’s most treasured attractions. Originally brought to Brisbane as the Kingdom of Nepal’s contribution to World Expo 88, the three-story high Pagoda is now located in the heart of the Parklands. It features 80 tonnes of hand-carved Nepalese timber and took more than 160 Nepalese families two years to build. It is also one of only three Nepalese peace pagodas in the world to be located outside of Nepal. [Source]



The Barossa Valley is just 65km out of Adelaide in South Australia and is a a major wine-producing region producing 21% of Australia’s wines. It is a beautiful region filled with villages, valleys, vineyards, fabulous food and patchwork landscapes. There are acres of vineyards and around 150 wineries and cellar doors to experience.

The Barossa Valley has distinct German heritage that dates back to 1842 when many of the settlers fled from religious persecution in Prussia, thankfully taking their vine cuttings with them. Today the old-world charm remains as new generations carry on with the family business and German traditions.

It was autumn when we were there and these photos don’t do it justice but it was still very beautiful. At every turn there is a spectacular view and landscape to take in. There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the most romantic regions in Australia.

Our first stop was Seppeltsfield Winery. The Seppelt family settled in the Barossa Valley in 1851 and purchased the property now known as Seppelsfield. You can read more about the history here.

Be sure to visit The Barossa Valley if you are ever on this side of the world.
More to come in my next post.