How cute is this little one! I came across her waiting very patiently to be let in. About ten minutes passed before she was rewarded. Lucky she’s a cat because that would have been very frustrating for a human in our world today. At least if you didn’t have your mobile/cell phone with you anyway 🙂



Morning Visitor

I found this guy sitting on my clothesline this morning so what did it do? I ran inside, grabbed my camera which just happened to be within reach for a change, locked the dogs inside so that they wouldn’t scare it away and took a photo of it. I was very surprised that he let me get close enough to take this photo. He knew I was there and just sat there posing. Kookaburras are one of my favourite birds next to lorikeets and it’s a real treat to see one when you have dogs 🙂

Kookaburra laugh: click here