Walu Wugirriga

Walu Wugirriga (Mount Alexandra lookout), Daintree National Park, North Queensland

Here is a panorama view from Walu Wugirriga lookout. Magnificent isn’t it!!!




  1. Oh my gooeness, this is an amazing photo of a gorgeous place Norma! What I would give to transport myself there right now away from this dull English summer. It’s been so very disappointing this year. It’s made everyone fed up. 😊 x

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    1. This is in far north Queensland Christine, near Cairns. It is just beautiful up there but you wouldn’t want to go there in summer. It’s a steam bath, hotter than Brisbane. We get fed up with the heat here. The weather was perfect when we went up in July 🙂

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  2. I can’t take the extreme heat especially with having MS. It causes such fatigue; we have just had very little sunshine to cheer us on our way; a summer full of grey days, just endless. We had sun yesterday nearly for the whole day! Buts it’s gone! 😊


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