The Story Bridge in Blue & Purple

Last week was the 75th Anniversary of the Story Bridge here in Brisbane. The bridge was lit up for the celebrations and the multi-coloured sequence came on every 30 minutes and lasted for 5 minutes each time. It was difficult to capture the scrolling lights so I hung around for an hour and a half on a cold windy night trying to capture it. That gave me three attempts and unfortunately I wasn’t successful in capturing it because of the scrolling/moving lights. In the end I frantically flicked it over to auto and managed to capture it in the very last photo I took before it stopped again. Disappointing but the ones without the scrolling lights turned out pretty good. After all this is one of my favourite subjects.



  1. So many photos from different parts of Australia involve city-wide colors – such as this. I think that must be so uplifting to see in person!! It most certainly is magnificent in in the pictures! Good work, Norma.

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        1. Best of luck in making it happen. We don’t have the same volume of fauna and flora that’ll try to kill you here, so I hope you’ll not be bored if you do eventually visit.

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