Emu from Hell

If there’s one animal I’m afraid of in Australia, it’s the emu. I’m terrified that these fellows will chase and attack me and this one looked like he was ready to do just that.




  1. You really captured this one well Norma. Those eyes are so clear but they do look pretty evil!
    Did you ever come across the English ventriloquist Rod Hull and Emu? He was very popular here for years and all the kids, including ours, wanted an ‘Emu’. He would embarrass TV presenters etc by attacking them on programmes. Fortunately he was merely a puppet! 😊 x


      1. He was! And we couldnt afford the designer Emus and had to get a friend to make them for our children. Our kids never forgave us because their Emus were too floppy and the faces were all wrong!! Lol πŸ˜„


  2. They do look scary … though, with all the poisonous things slithering and crawling around Australia, I am surprised it’s the emu that scares you … though, this particular one does look like he might be rather evil. πŸ™‚ Beautiful shot though … zoom lens?


  3. ” I think, therefore I Emu. ”
    Recall my first encounter as a boy with these creatures at the Canadian National Exhibition. They were trying to introduce them into farming here in Canada. They had an enclosure set up in one of the livestock & farm product buildings. We were standing looking over the railing when suddenly a head and neck seemed to shoot up from nowhere.

    It looked to us like a cross between a cartoon and something from another time. My mom was wiping her face with a paper towel, it was pretty warm as I recall, when the bird eyeing the paper just plucked it out of her hand. πŸ˜€


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