A Day in the Park

I took this photo back in September when we went to Toowoomba for the weekend. Toowoomba is a regional city about an hour and a half drive west of Brisbane with a population of approx 160,000. It is nicknamed “The Garden City” and boasts about 150 public parks. This is an example of one of them. Toowoomba holds a “Carnival of Flowers” every September and the city is dressed in glory with flowers everywhere, and I mean everywhere! It’s a beautiful city and one of my favourite places to be in Spring. More photos to come soon 🙂




  1. I really like the composition – all the vertical flowers are not only colorful – but the way they are in the front like that – it really works with the yellow house and small colored objects to the back right 🙂 ❤ but whew – those flowers are gorgeous – the carnival of flowers must be amazing in person…


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