14 thoughts on “Back to Brisbane

  1. Beautiful shots.

    I would like to make a comment without sounding like nitpicking, but I know from experience how some of my stuff comes across, so I want to make it clear I’m only trying to give constructive feedback.

    You appear to have the same habit that I do; when I snap a photo, even though I don’t think I am, I end up not holding the camera level, and many of my picture have a “lean”, usually to the left.

    It’s not much, but it jumps out at me (probably my OCD nature coming through), and I end up correcting many of the pictures which have obvious vertical or horizontal lines, usually no more than half a degree or so (yes, that’s noticeable to my eyes).

    I notice a similar thing on the pictures above, the ones with the buildings. They seem slightly out of level, having a lean to the right. It might be lens distortion, but that’s usually a problem with wide-angle shots of up-close subjects. These look like telephotos lenses.

    Again, beautiful photos, and while I don’t want to take anything away from them, and also admit than not one in 20 or 30 viewers will even notice, some do. For people like me, and thankfully there are mighty few, it’s the first thing that jumps out at me, and I have to set it aside before just enjoying the photo. It could be my engineer’s training, or just my nature, but I figure I would mention it.

    And no, it doesn’t keep me from liking the photos.


      1. Wow you have a good eye Emilio! I have a dud tripod at the moment where I just can’t get the camera to sit straight. It gives me a lot of grief and wastes a lot of my time. I try to fix the photo in Lightroom but I can see your point and I appreciate your comments. But never fear, I’m getting a new tripod for Mother’s Day tomorrow…yay!!!! Hopefully it will fix the problem, if not please let me know. Thanks again πŸ™‚


        1. If you have Lightroom, there is an easy way to straighten photos. Under the crop tool (the square symbol in the menu under the Hystogram on the upper right corner) there is an option for “angle”, showing an icon of a level.

          If you click on the level, you can then use the mouse to draw a line. Whatever you draw, it will rotate the photo to either make the line you draw vertical or horizontal, whichever is closer.

          So, since the buildings have straight lines, you can click on the level, and then use the mouse (holding down the button) to draw a line along one of the building’s sides, and when you let go of the button, that line will snap to be vertical, automatically rotating and cropping the photo to fit.

          Here’s a little video showing how. http://youtu.be/nvc0Aj9TmTY

          I shoot mostly hand-held, and even when I’m using a tripod, I don’t worry much about leveling stuff (even though I have the guide grid switched on in the viewfinder). I’m much more interested in framing the photo, and while I try to get it level, I know I can, and likely will, get it perfectly level or vertical after the fact.

          Of course, if there are no straight lines in the photo, then it doesn’t matter.


  2. I’ve visited BNE many times on business and holiday. My daughter studied in UQ and married in Brisbane – your pictures provide some fond memories.



  3. well I really enjoyed the three different takes of almost the same view – like the one with extra water int he upper right – and the and in the very foreground of the upper left – and the 3 of those just give an artsy feel to your view -and what cool cityscape! I also like the tree on the left in the sunset shot – and the lit up bridge is just cool with the reflections – I really enjoyed your collage – feels like it has the personality of the photographer woven in….


    1. Thanks so much Yvette for the lovely comment. I suppose I’m lucky to have such a good subject and I love cityscapes, waterscapes, bridges and night photography (my fav) πŸ™‚


  4. To my very amateur eye I cant see the leaning even now I know about it! My very faves are the night time shots.

    Now my photos! Well, many of those are taken while Im in the process of falling and just looking at them makes me feel queasy! 😊 Xx


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