13 thoughts on “Moss

  1. Living in Vancouver in what is considered a rain forest, moss is a fact of life. Ranging from greenish scum to delicate pillows it’s everywhere. I find it comforting in some way – rather like a marker of time passed.


        1. Haha yeah we have some here too but maybe not as much as in Vancouver. I used to put moss beside my bed when I was a kid hoping to see fairies dancing around if I woke up 🙂


          1. My fairies lived in milkweed pods and under Lily of the Valley leaves. I’m in Vancouver now but grew up in Penticton on a fruit orchard (extremely hat and dry without a moss spore in sight) 🙂


  2. Crooked Tracks says:

    I like moss. We have a small amount growing in the shady part of the garden. We are too dry to have large amounts of moss. The moss on the rocks is amazing. I have never seen so much moss 🙂


  3. I never would have guessed Rome either!! wow – and in the last few years I have come to appreciate moss and the awesome aspects of it – I saw some show detouring a lady with a shade garden and she had moss everywhere – it was neat to see the different kinds of moss – and she would transplant patches to start new areas to cover. so amazing – anyhow – truly great shots – and I love all that you gave us here with the stone bench, the trees, etc.


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