14 thoughts on “Palazzo Ducale

  1. Just a suggestion . . . consider cropping on the third (vertical), even at losing some information (unless the photo is larger, then you can change the crop position, but maintain the size).


      1. So that the center of the lamp post is to the left or right (I would choose the right) one third of the way into the picture.

        Again, only preference, and add the other commenter said, different eyes.

        My thinking is that the post in the middle makes it the subject of the picture. Cropping the right side (thus removing the darker portion of the picture) so that the lamppost is off center brings the building back into play.

        But again, I stress that’s a matter of preference, and I’m only saying what I would do.

        Many, many people don’t do what I do, and they all live happy, well adjusted lives despite of it.


        1. Oh yes I know what you mean now. I did think of doing that but decided to leave the lamp post in the middle. Thanks Emilio. I always appreciate different ideas and suggestions. It’s the only way to learn 🙂


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