Stained Glass

This beautiful stained glass window belongs to the magnificent cathedral, Sainte Chapelle, in Paris. Sainte-Chapelle was planned in 1241, started in 1246 and quickly completed and was consecrated on April 26, 1248. To see this in person was truly an amazing experience. I can’t describe the beauty and detail and the photos don’t do it justice. Unfortunately, like most tourist locations, there were people everywhere which made it difficult to take shots without someone getting in my way.


Glass 1




Stained Glass

18 thoughts on “Stained Glass

  1. Great shots.

    Also, a little hint. I find that if a first shoot my gun, I can then shoot my camera with little worry of people being in the photo.

    The downside is you only have a few minutes to take your photo before you should wisely leave the area, so make sure you set up ahead of time, and be ready for a quick exit.


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