Korean Beauty

This is not the best photo but I really wanted to share it. This was taken at Incheon Airport, South Korea with my new Sigma lens as a reenactment of The Royal Family Walk paraded through. This beautiful girl saw me from a distance with my camera (amongst an array of paparazzi) and looked straight at me so that I could take this shot. I thought that was really nice of her to do that. I’m not sure what the blue and white spots in the photo are but it looks kinda cool 🙂


A woman whose smile is open
and whose expression is glad
has a kind of beauty
no matter what she wears.

~ Anne Roiphe
Korean Beauty

10 thoughts on “Korean Beauty

      1. I got that. I was a bit surprised by the show of initiative – on the part of a Korean female. But I haven’t been back since I left at 4 so what do I know? Thanks for the follow. =)

        I, actually, talked of being Korean-American in Parts 1-3 of the Race, if that interests any.



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