The Walter Taylor Bridge

The Walter Taylor Bridge (in the foreground) is unique among Brisbane bridges in that the two towers of the bridge house residential accommodation, which were occupied until mid 2010 when the last members of the original tollmaster’s family moved out.  The bridge was conceived, designed, built and funded by local visionary Walter Taylor, who lived nearby. It was opened in 1936 and operated as a toll bridge until the 1960s.  The bridge is a suspension bridge and the support cables were actually surplus support cables used to hold up the incomplete halves of the Sydney Harbour Bridge during its construction. When the bridge opened it had the longest span of any suspension bridge in Australia. The site has four bridges side by side – the Walter Taylor Bridge (vehicle), the Indooroopilly Rail Bridge (rail), the Albert Bridge (rail) and the Jack Pesch Bridge (pedestrian/cycle).

WT Bridge 1

WT Bridge 4

WT Bridge 2

WT Bridge 3
Pylons belonging to The Albert Bridge


    1. I can’t find any info on why there’s no one there now, possibly it was going to cost too much for the council to bring it up to scratch. Apparently it was inhabited by university students once the toll-master’s family left.


  1. Lovely captures, Norma! I haven’t had much luck with photographing bridges but your images certainly compels me to keep trying 🙂


  2. Great photos Norma and a fascinating story too. I love bridges or even just the idea of them. When I was in AA in early recovery I remember being advised not to lean too heavily on AA (because at first thats what we are inclined to do) as it serves only as “a bridge to normal life”. Ive never forgotten this and am reminded of it whenever I see a bridge. 😊 Xx


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