I find old cemeteries interesting and not because I like to be morbid but because I am fascinated by history. The Goonda Cemetery (which is apparently haunted) is in the suburb of Goodna which belongs to Ipswich, an old mining town near Brisbane.  I thought these tomb stones were interesting and I knew there was something different about them when I saw them. I believe the tomb stones, which are approximately 30cm (1ft) high, belong to residents of the Wolston Park Psychiatric Hospital (formerly Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum). There is very little information on the web about it but I found this piece and assume that’s what they are. I could be wrong though.

“In the 1940s when a road was being constructed 192 bodies of former Woogaroo patients were exhumed and relocated to the Goodna Cemetery. In 1970 the remaining headstones at the Asylum were also transferred to the Goodna Cemetery”.

“Some of the headstones of Woogaroo patients have been grouped together. At one point a number of the original metal grave number indicators that came from the Woogaroo Cemetery were gathered together and placed in two groupings to commemorate the patients. They do not mark the actual burials.” [Source]

As seen in the fourth photo, the tombs are marked only with numbers not names. I assume that a commemorative wall was planned but never completed. Very sad.

Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum was established in 1865 on a 120 acre horse stud farm, surrounded by bush land and with a river running along side it. It was closed down a few years ago after a new site was built nearby. A group of us had intentions of shooting the old building but were turned away by security guards. We were not allowed to step foot on the grounds and were told that taking photos could incur a $1000 fine. I did manage to sneak a photo or two in from a distance. There are plenty of  images of the site on the web if you’re interested. Now the site is surrounded by a golf club and suburbia. Unfortunately it seems to have a dark history.






The old section of Goodna Cemetery and the 87yo headless angel, a victim of vandalism


Wolston Park Psychiatric Hospital (old building)


  1. These are fascinating photos Norma. How awful to take the head off the angel. Its hard to believe how someone could do such a thing. I remember years ago someone took the head off the Little Memaid at Copenhagen just a week after I had visited. Thats bad enough but to do this in a graveyard just goes way beyond belief. Anyway, great photos as always x


  2. Wow. This is something which I have never seen! I love visit on cemeteries at same time when visiting churches, but this one is… Thank You presenting this!


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