Low Tide

Sorry I’ve got nothing for Halloween. We don’t traditionally celebrate it in Australia and I’m kinda glad. I think I’d get spooked.
Here’s another photo of Wellington Point. The shore was lined with washed up sea sponges of various sizes. I have more which I’ll post soon.

Low Tide



  1. This is wild and bleak but beautiful. I love the sky!

    We have never celebrated halloween much here. When I was a child we never did. I guess we have really just concentrated on Guy Fawkes night, but quite frankly why we want to see a “Guy” burning on top of a fire is beyond me. I think Halloween has spread here from America, all the “trick or treat” things. This is also alien to me! But we celebrated it in a big way, well, a big way for us as we had family with grandchildren over from Ireland (hence the “after” poem). They celebrate it in a big way in Ireland so we all dressed up. I was a bee! I couldn’t bear to be anything scary! 😊 Xx


  2. I always thought celebrating Halloween was a rather weird tradition. In my neighborhood, where there are a lot of families, people seem to decorate their homes more than they do at Christmas…


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