Mt Coolum

Mt Coolum is a national park on the Sunshine Coast, a 90 minute drive north of Brisbane. This volcanic dome is quite impressive as it greets you on your way into Coolum, a popular tourist destination. On average about 140 people climb to the summit each day. It is also a rock climbers dream.

Interesting Facts:

Mount Coolum is an isolated volcanic dome, 208 metres in height, roughly circular in outline, covering a plan area of approximately 1 square kilometre. Geologically, it is principally composed of sodium and potassium rich rhyolite with some sandstone surrounds. Potassium-argon dating gives and age of between 25 and 26 million years. One of the most notable features of the mountain geology is the striking columnar / crystal jointing patterns clearly visible both on the main cliffs and the faces of the disused quarry.
Mt Coolum

Mt Coolum

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