The Story Bridge

Our beautiful Story Bridge at night.

Interesting Facts:

The Story Bridge is an iconic Brisbane landmark and connects The Valley to Kangaroo Point. Construction of the bridge began in 1935 and it was opened in 1940.  It is named after a prominent public servant, John Douglas Story.

It was recently fitted with LED lighting which are brighter, easier to maintain and use less energy. The colours change weekly and “include a wider range of colours and dynamic lighting options that have been on show in blue to mark the recent royal birth, in red, white and blue to welcome sailors from the USS George Washington, and other hues for charitable groups such as Blue Care and Hannah’s Choice”.  The new lights will produce virtually any colour.

Story Bridge

The Story Bridge

25 thoughts on “The Story Bridge

  1. Spectacular. – Never seen the green lamps on the bridge – only the pink. It’s a great contrast with the background city lights and the reflection on the river, wow !


  2. These night-time shots have almost become Iconic to yourself Norma, I love them so much and you have worked on developing them very hard.

    I just know they are yours the moment I see them and I love them very much 🙂

    Oh did I say I love them a lot !!! 🙂


  3. bobmielke says:

    I love reflections, especially in water. You did a nice job of capturing, what must have been, a long time exposure.


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