Cup and Saucer

Cup and Saucer


18 thoughts on “Cup and Saucer

  1. This is my kind of cup and saucer! Very elegant. Im sure I was born into the wrong social class!! Lol

    Btw my new blog is up and running! First post yesterday. Ive called the blog Perfect Imperfection ( There is a link to it from my journeyintopoetry site at the right hand side in the blogroll. Hope you havetimeto visit and enjoy the flowers! 🙂 xx


    1. Thanks Ed. Lighting is an old table lamp. Background is my jacket and vertical blinds in my “studio” (dining room) then darkened in photo editing. I’m quite happy with the outcome 🙂


      1. Of course I understand ,my dear! the only thing you would have to do so was it by the award logo on your blog and choose other 15 blogs.But I understand if you do not accept ! I will not be sad !! Have a beautiful day,my dear!


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