Watching the World Go By

I’ve always admired street photography but it’s something I’ve shied away from. Taking photos of people in public places in Australia is permitted, however I feel like I’m invading peoples’ privacy so I don’t normally do it. Here are my first ever street photos which I took a couple of weekends back. I tried not to be invasive.

Watching the World Go By

Watching the World Go By

12 thoughts on “Watching the World Go By

  1. Yeah . . . I tend to go to great effort not to include people in my shots.

    I like street photography, but I too find it difficult to snap snippets of people’s lives for my records.


  2. Terrific photos, it’s interesting because I wasn’t sure of the legalities of taking photos of people in public, so glad to read your link. I like these types of photos, and that you kept the pigeon in colour is great. A wonderful photo!


    1. Thanks heaps. I was surprised actually because when my daughter played netball about eight years ago we weren’t allowed to take photos of the kids playing. I don’t know if that’s changed now and the article didn’t say anything about kids sports games 🙂


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