Pipe Organ

Following on from my previous post, our City Hall pipe organ, the Father Willis Organ, has been restored. The dismantling of the enormous instrument and its 4332 pipes started in 2010 and since last November, a specialist team have been painstakingly re-installing the organ after carrying out restoration works off site.

Concert Hall



  1. This is a fantastic istrument Norma, and a great photo.

    I love pipe organs; they have always held a fascination for me ever since being a small child going to church with my parents. I used to spend ages staring at it wondering what it was! I knew someone sat at it and played on the keys but I had no idea what the pipes were and I never asked! Lol To be honest they frightened me a bit!!


    1. They’re pretty amazing aren’t they and I can see how they could be frightening to a little girl. Thanks for stopping by Christine. I hope you’re having a good weekend 🙂


      1. At last spring has arrived here! Its been a long drawn out winter for us. So lovely to see colour in the garden again! So just staying put this weekend and enjoying the garden. Hope you have a good one too! . 🙂 x


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