A Day in the Park

I took this photo back in September when we went to Toowoomba for the weekend. Toowoomba is a regional city about an hour and a half drive west of Brisbane with a population of approx 160,000. It is nicknamed “The Garden City” and boasts about 150 public parks. This is an example of one of them. Toowoomba holds a “Carnival of Flowers” every September and the city is dressed in glory with flowers everywhere, and I mean everywhere! It’s a beautiful city and one of my favourite places to be in Spring. More photos to come soon :)


On the Way to Mt Tibrogargan

Mount Tibrogargan is one of the many mountains in the Glass House Mountains National Park, north-northwest of Brisbane, Australia. It is a volcanic plug of hard alkali rhyolite that squeezed up into the vents of an ancient volcano 27 million years ago.

Tibrogargan is one of the most easily recognised mountains in South East Queensland, bearing some resemblance to a gorilla or old man hunched over. However, in 2004 parts of the rock face that resembles the eyes eroded and subsequently crumbled off.

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Kookaburra at Dusk

I have had a good run on birds lately (they just seem to like me ;) ), but the kookaburra is by far my favourite. I love these creatures and I don’t mind their 5am calls really. It’s hard to describe but to me it just sounds like home. Luckily I can fall asleep easily again for another couple/few hours. If you haven’t heard a kookaburra’s laugh before, here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qix6oUxim3Q


Ducks, Ponds and Lillies

Following on from my previous post, here is another bird I caught posing for me. I believe this is a Great Cormorant. The rest of the photos are of his surroundings and friends.