Adorable Chicks

I stumbled across this adorable purple swamphen chick. His mother deserted him at my approach and he was terrified of me and my camera. He hopped from lily to lily and tried to hide by the edge of the pond. I eventually got him and after I left his mother returned to him and his sibling. Sorry little chicky but you were too adorable to resist :)


The HMQS Gayundah, Woody Point, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia

How lucky we are to have this ship wreck only a 30 minute drive away. HMQS Gayundah was a flat-iron gunboat operated by the Queensland Maritime Defence Force and later the Royal Australian Navy (as HMAS Gayundah). She entered service in 1884 and was used to protect the coast line with its many bays and estuaries. In 1903 became the first warship within Australia to use wireless telegraphy. In later years, the Gayundah became a tender sea ship and a mine sweeper.

In 1921, she was decommissioned and sold to a civilian company and was stripped and converted into a gravel barge and used in Brisbane until the late 1950s when she was scrapped. In 1958, Gayundah was run aground at Woody Point near Redcliffe to serve as a breakwater structure. She is now a rusted shell and it may be a sad ending but Gayundah still protects the Australian shoreline from erosion, well for a little longer at least.
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Birds of Australia

I had a great time capturing these birds over the weekend. Not a subject I usually go for but there they were posing for me :)

On a Cloudy Day

I really loved the clouds today. They were amazing :)

The sky, a perfect empty canvas, offers clouds nonetheless. They shift and drift and beg interpretation… such is the nature of art. ~Jeb Dickerson