Baby It’s Cold Outside

Warwick, Queensland – Part 1

St Mary’s Catholic church in Warwick, Queensland. Warwick is a country town 130 klms from Brisbane and a quite two-hour drive with impressive views will get you there. It was great to be inside this church with not another soul in there (well maybe a soul or two I didn’t know about). More of Warwick to come soon.

Fenced In


Caged In

Basking in the Sun

A Stroll Through Vignanello

Vignanello (translates to “in the vineyard”) is a medieval village about an hour’s drive from Rome. Vignanello has been producing wine for centuries and still does today although there has been a major shift towards producing hazelnuts. These hazelnuts supply the major chocolate company Ferrero Rocher amongst others.

Most families in Vignanello owned their own cantinas (wine cellars) which were dug into the mountain/hillside and there they stored their homemade wines. Sadly these are no longer in use and have either been blocked/boarded up or turned into storage spaces. One of the main attractions is the castle, Castello Ruspoli which was unfortunately closed at the time of our visit.

This village is unadorned and untouched by tourism giving it an authentic atmosphere and an interesting experience to say the least.


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